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Come reclaim your SEXY!

Our sessions start next week!  Our pole dance classes are filled with sexy fillers, spins, climbs, inverts and oh so much more!  Take a peek and sign up at


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Hip-Hop Journaling & Intro to Meditation Class

From mass shootings to political unrest, you may be asking yourself what the hell is going on? When take that worldly stress and then add it to our personal stress it can leave us feeling hopeless and outta of control.

Come learn how to reclaim your peace with our guest instructor, Mila. Take [...]

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I’ll start dating again after I lose 20lbs

“I’ll start dating again after I lose 20lbs.”.

I almost dropped my mocha frappaciuno (with extra whip, of course) as I heard that statement come from the table behind me.

As I strained to see the woman out of the corner of my eye, I just knew that I was going to see a [...]

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Pole is for everyBODY

You are so much more than a number on a scale!

You are a mother, you are a child, you are a damn good friend, you are a source of strength and support to others.  You are a part of God's great design here on earth!

You pants sizes may go up, the scale number may [...]

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Int/Adv Sexy Pole Dance Class Sequence

The Bombshell experience:

Small Classes
No Pole Sharing (So you're not standing around waiting for a turn on the pole)
Structured Program-So every week you review what you learned and then learn something new.  We have over 400 moves in our pole PROGRAM.
Sexy Sisterhood- We don't do PETTY at our studio.  We celebrate [...]

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The Path to Loving YOU!

For some of us, the most difficult part of the day is when we stand in front of a mirror.

And oh LAWD, don’t let it be a full-length mirror. We will poke at “fat rolls”, pinch the excess skin on our hips, attempt to smooth out the “crows feet” around our [...]

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Do you remember Pink’s Grammy Performance? That could be you!

Come take your sexy to another level. Pink isn't the only one who makes circus look sexy! Sign up for our Pole Silks workshop:

Date: 7/9
Time: 2:00pm
Cost: $38

Sign Up Today!

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2nd Workshop Added

Grab a spot:

We've added a 2nd workshop due to popular demand!  Don't miss out on the sexy fun.  Take a sneak peek at the routine:

Grab a spot:

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When Loving Bad Boys Goes Wrong…

Let’s face it sometimes we women are attracted to things that intrigue us, Kinda like a majestic tiger in a cage with beautiful icy, blue eyes…from afar he is beautiful but get close and he will tear you completely apart. Can we talk about this a bit more? Take a listen!
Listen to "When Loving [...]

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One spot left in Kelly’s Pole Dance Class

Grab your spot:

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