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T.H.I.C.K Plus Size Pole Dance Program-Registration Open

Come and work your curves in this exclusive 3-Week session.  This class is for women sizes 14+.  You will learn a sexy choreographed routine that includes pole and floorwork. Check out a video from the instructor.

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The Dark Side of Pole (Trigger Warning)! This is deep….

In the beginning, it was all sweet whispers, long gazes and fun dates. She fell hard for him. The combination of bad boy sex appeal mixed with Southern manners had her wide open. A bright white smile gleamed behind dark chocolate skin sucked her in every time. But things were good then.

Two months was [...]

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Meet Your Instructor: Joy

Sign up for Joy's session on Mondays starting 1/15:

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Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day

We’ve experienced below zero temps for the last week and nothing sounds better to me today than relaxing in a warm bubble bath! I love bubble baths and today I have reason to indulge…It’s National Bubble Bath Day!

At Bombshell, you know that we are all about “me” time. Pampering ourselves is a priority. The [...]

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T.H.I.C.K. Plus Size Pole Dance Program (Demo 1)

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Merry Christmas

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T.H.I.C.K. Plus Size Pole Dance Program

Sexy isn't a SIZE! It's an attitude!  This class is designed for curvy Bombshells size 14+.  Come and discover how fun and sexy pole dance classes are!

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This mommy rocked the Cardi B Bodak Yellow Challenge!

As we're preparing for our Bombshell Field trip to go and see "Bad Moms 2" this video was just perfect!  Enjoy, Bombshell Pole Dance Mommies!

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Come reclaim your SEXY!

Our sessions start next week!  Our pole dance classes are filled with sexy fillers, spins, climbs, inverts and oh so much more!  Take a peek and sign up at


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Hip-Hop Journaling & Intro to Meditation Class

From mass shootings to political unrest, you may be asking yourself what the hell is going on? When take that worldly stress and then add it to our personal stress it can leave us feeling hopeless and outta of control.

Come learn how to reclaim your peace with our guest instructor, Mila. Take [...]

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