We’ve experienced below zero temps for the last week and nothing sounds better to me today than relaxing in a warm bubble bath! I love bubble baths and today I have reason to indulge…It’s National Bubble Bath Day!

At Bombshell, you know that we are all about “me” time. Pampering ourselves is a priority. The point of “me” time is less of what activities you want to be a part of and more of having time set aside to focus on yourself. To be alone with your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.
One of the biggest stress relievers is to take some time to do something that you really enjoy! So, grab some wine, a good book, and your bubbles and celebrate the #bombshellway today.

Here are some of Sydney’s favorite bath time accessories.

If I'm going to be reading or even if I'm just lying back this is pillow is an absolute necessity.

This little caddy is everything! I just got it last week and I love that it holds my drink, my sponge, and my book!