Hi Bombshell,
So it’s a sad day here in Bombshell land. Tonight is the Series Finale of “Sons of Anarchy”. Cue the “taps” music.


I am so bummed this show is ending as I have no idea what I will do with my Tuesday evenings.

Last week, was especially emotional for me as my favorite character, Gemma Teller, was killed by her son Jax. I went through a whole box of Kleenex. Don’t worry I restocked the Kleenex for tonight’s episode. I already read the spoilers online so trust me you will need the Kleenex.

Gemma’s life was somewhere between Harlot and Heroine. She was a bad ass woman who loved her family fiercely and would do whatever it took to preserve them…even if it meant losing her own life.

So as I watched the aftershow which highlighted Gemma’s life I couldn’t help but wonder how many “Gemma” traits do I have?

Things that make you go hmmmmm…..Can you relate to her at all? Well watch this week’s video and let us know your thoughts below in the comments!