The holidays can be filled with joy, laughter and appreciation. However, as Bombshells we also realize that all the “hustle and bustle” can make it a very stressful time as well.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. LOL.

So over the course of the holiday, your fearless Bombshell Instructors will be sharing some of their thoughts on how to manage stress.

We hope this helps!!!



When I feel overly-stressed, I... talk it out with my mom or a friend. I feel that talking out my stressors makes them not so overwhelming. Also, candlelight yoga and focusing on my breathing is a great stress reliever.

How I stay calm under pressure...I think about what is most important for that moment and focus on just that part. Sometimes that means having to walk away and think something through.

The best advice I’ve ever received is...think of three things that make you happy everyday. You will start to think of a lot more than 3 after some time. And write them down! Look through them when you are having a tough day.

My biggest inspiration is...the world! Inspire is tattooed on my arm. I find inspiration in a lot of things around me, but if I had to pick my biggest inspiration it would be my friend Molly. She keeps me honest and reminds me of how my passion about things can make the world more beautiful.

My comfort food is....chocolate! anything chocolate!

My bedtime is....10:00 most nights, earlier if I fall asleep on the couch, lol

The one time I switch off my phone church

To stay grounded I rely mom. I can call her and ask her about the most random worry and she will remind me that it is just that, a worry. I also rely on my friend Colleen. We are very similar in thought process which I feel helps us figure things out.


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