Are you in the holiday spirit yet?  How are you holding up???  Well here are a few more stress management tips from our Instructor NaCasha.....

NACasha's Stress Management Tips (1)

When I felt overly stressed, I pray for guidance and I confide in my mother.

How I stay calm under pressure....Keeping a level head and knowing that I can do anything that I put my mind to.

The best advise I've ever received is... to always believe in myself no matter how big or small. All dreams are possible.

My biggest inspiration mother! She is a strong woman that have overcome alot. She has always set a good example for her daughters. She is such a loving and giving woman!

My comfort food is...Ben n Jerry's Chocolate cookie dough ice cream. I can eat a pint in one sitting!!

My bedtime is sporadic...I really need to get 8 hours. I usually go to bed around 11pm or 12am.

The one time I switch off my phone is....never. I rarely turn my phone off. I set it to silent.

To stay grounded... I rely on my faith in God and knowing that I can rely on my family.

My "Keep Calm" mantra is...Keep calm and never give up!

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