Now that the Holidays are over, our lives are returning back to normal.  However, managing stress is a year round activity.  Let's hear from our Instructor Nakia.


When I feel overly-stressed, I take a hot shower and take deep deep breaths.

How I stay calm under pressure...I simply look through the person as if their words are flying pass me.

The best advice I’ve ever received is...if you pay your own bills then the decisions you make are yours and who care what others think.

My biggest inspiration is...knowing each day has something to offer new and fresh.

My comfort food is....apples

My bedtime is....2 AM

The one time I switch off my phone is....daily at 8:00 PM.

To stay grounded I rely on....knowing my purpose has shifted to nurturing the life I was allowed to bring into this world.

My “keep calm” mantra is...I GOT THIS...I'M AN ALPHA FEMALE!