Howdy Bombshells,

Our email box is filled weekly with women asking questions that usually boil down Pole Dancing right for me?  In this week's video, we address the most common questions/concerns/fears.  😉

Am I too old?

Age is just a number!  Our current students range in age from 22-59 and the median age at our studio is 34.

Do I need to be in great shape?

Uhhhhh no!  Our studio is not a "fitness" studio.  We focus on creating a safe environment where women can reignite and reclaim their sexy!!!  With that being said you will be lifting yourself up and down a pole so the workout is a bonus.  😉  BTW, we do not have a weight limit on our poles.

What will people think about me taking these classes?

The first step in empowerment is to "FREE yourself from the opinions of others".  Women just like you are finding more confidence, loving their bodies, and have a great time in our classes.  The only opinion that matters is your own!

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