For some of us, the most difficult part of the day is when we stand in front of a mirror.

And oh LAWD, don’t let it be a full-length mirror. We will poke at “fat rolls”, pinch the excess skin on our hips, attempt to smooth out the “crows feet” around our eyes and the list can go on and on.

It’s no wonder some of us struggle to find JOY in our day. If we start our day off criticizing ourselves what else can we really expect?
Bombshell, has never been a “fitness” studio nor will we ever be. Our goal is to help women learn to love themselves just as they are! Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna help women meet fitness goals (if they have them) but what it does mean is that we seek to teach women how to make choices that honor their hearts.

So if you wanna lose weight because you want to improve on something you already love…great. But if you wanna lose weight because you HATE the way you look….no ma’am….we’re not about that thought life. LOL.

In today’s media driven world it takes great COURAGE to love who you are and to nurture who you’re becoming.

Our studio may be your first step to a new RELATIONSHIP with your body. Sessions start the week of 7/23.

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